विधायक कोष के 5 करोड़ एक ही दिन में किए मंजूर

This Rajasthan MLA approved Rs 5 crore from his MLA fund in a single day

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on Hindi hub.in. Today we are going to tell you such a news which you will be surprised to read. Friends, recently the Lok Sabha elections were completed. In this Lok Sabha election, some MLAs also stood for MP candidates. And many of them have also won. Today we are going to discuss one such MLA, who before leaving the post of MLA, spent Rs. 5 crores of his MLA fund in development work in a single day.

For this reason, the next MLA will get the budget from the new financial year. Sources have revealed that this MLA has only Rs 96 in his fund. So let us know who is this MLA, who exhausted his MLA fund as soon as he became MP.

Development will take place in Khinvsar before the by-elections.

Recently, Khinvsar MLA Shri Hanuman Beniwal has contested the Lok Sabha elections from Nagaur. Hanuman Beniwal contested this election in alliance with Congress. In front of him, Mrs. Jyoti Mirdha was contesting elections from BJP. But he had to face defeat.

In such a situation, Hanuman Beniwal was declared victorious with a very good majority of votes. As you all know, Shri Hanuman Beniwal ji is the MLA of Khinvsar. But recently after taking charge of the Parliament, he will have to resign from the post of MLA. Before this resignation, Khinvsar MLA and Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal approved development work worth Rs 5 crore from his MLA fund.

He did all this in just one day. Some people are discussing that before the by-election of MLA in Khinvsar, Nagaur MP Shri Hanuman Beniwal has played a big political stroke. But whatever you say, Shri Hanuman Beniwal is the first MLA to do so.

Now at present Hanuman Beniwal is MP from Nagaur for the second consecutive time. He has defeated Jyoti Mrida from Nagaur seat for the second consecutive time. Last time, Hanuman Beniwal had contested against Congress candidate Jyoti Mirdha in alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party. But this time the whole matter was different. This time Jyoti Mirdha left the Congress Party and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. But this time also he had to face everyone.

You will be surprised to know that this time seven MLAs had contested the Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan state. Out of these, five MLAs became MPs. Four of these MLAs resigned from the post of MLA. But Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal has not yet resigned from Khinvsar MLA. Besides, he has recommended development works worth Rs 5 crore from the MLA’s fund. In such a situation, after the by-election, the new MLA will get only the post and will not get anything in the name of budget.

Because this year’s budget has already been approved by Shri Hanuman Beniwal. Beniwal released this amount as per the demand of the people for development works by holding a public hearing at his house.

MP Hanuman Beniwal has sanctioned the highest amount of Rs 30 lakh to his maternal grandmother Seal village. Apart from this, a budget of between Rs 10 to 25 lakh has been given to all the Panchayats. Beniwal said that most of the papers related to development work received in the Panchayat Bar public hearing have been approved.

Using the post of MLA, Beniwal has sanctioned Rs 5 crore for 129 works. This includes development work in hospital, Ambedkar Bhawan, CC Block Road, Gaushala, four walls of classrooms in government schools, high mask lights in villages, repair of roads in villages, repair of water pipe lines, construction of intersections, electricity supply etc. To get the work done, important approvals like building main gates in former government schools have been issued.

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